Instagram Notes New Feature Lets You Add Quick Status Updates

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Instagram Notes New Feature Lets You Add Quick Status Updates: Instagram’s ever-expanding platform got a brand-new feature called “Notes” this week. You can send a brief status update or Away Message to your followers or friends using this feature. When you receive the update, this new feature will appear in the form of a note when you open Instagram DMs. These will come from people who have added you to their Close Friends list or from your followers and friends.

What Instagram says about Notes is as follows:

“We are just getting started with Notes, a new way to share your thoughts and check out what your friends are up to. Notes are short presents of up on 60 characters utilizing just message and emoticons. During testing, we discovered that individuals enjoyed having a lightweight, simple method for sharing what’s at the forefront of their thoughts and begin discussions. From requesting proposals to sharing what they’re doing, Notes give individuals an easygoing and unconstrained method for putting themselves out there and interface with one another.”

A note can be added to your profile in the same way that a story can be added. To access your DMs, simply click the “plus” icon in your profile picture. Notes, like stories, can be updated or deleted at any time, and they can last up to 24 hours. Similar to how you can reply to Stories, you can also reply directly to Notes.

You can display your notes to all of your followers or to only your Close Friends; however, at this time, there is no way to determine whether a Note shared with you is only intended for Close Friends. This is because, unlike the green ring that Stories provide, there is currently no indicator on Notes that indicates whether it is intended for everyone or just Close Friends. Try downloading and installing the most recent version of Instagram Notes if you don’t already have it.

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